What is needed if you are interested in planning a Quinceaños, to celebrate a Young Ladies 15th year Birthday?

These are the Sacraments that the young lady must have received:

Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation.  If not Confirmed, she must be currently enrolled and attending classes in a Confirmation program.

If interested:

  • Call the Rectory to schedule an appointment with Chris Silva at 323-725-7578 .
  • At the appointment, please bring copies of all certificates of Sacraments listed above. If attending Confirmation classes, a letter stating where classes are being held.
  • Further information will be discussed during the preliminary meeting.
  • To book a date a deposit of $200.00 is required.
  • Cost of Quinceaños, including music, is $600.00.
  • Dates must be booked with Chris Silva only.


Want to rent Watterson Hall? For more information please contact Camelia Robles at (323) 725-7578 x310.

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