Altar Server

Would you like your children to learn the power of the Mass and assist Father in the celebration of the Eucharist?  Please contact Irma Montreal at (323) 725-7578 ext. 312 or email:

Apostles of the Divine Mercy

Are you a prayer warrior?  Are you someone who yearns for a closer relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ?  Contact Mrs. Ruby Chow at (323) 726-9946.

Bible Study­

God gave us his written word as a source of inspiration and courage. The more you know, the more you’ll grow.  Bible study class, in English, is in progress Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. in Laboure Center. Contact the Rectory Office at (323) 725-7578.

Boy Scouts Troop 375

Looking for a way to blend community service, discipline and the special skill set it takes to be a well-rounded young man?  See the world as only God can show you.  Join the Boy Scouts today.  Contact Sergio Melendez at (323) 728-9632.


Do you feel God’s presence when you sing his praises?  Then joining the OLMM Choir is for you.  We celebrate many genres of worship.  Can you hit the right notes?  Contact Alan Leoncio at (323) 725-7578.

Cub Scout Pack 375

Even the greatest of men had to start at the beginning, why not right now.  Learn what the life of a prepared Christian cub scout is all about. Contact Oscar Carrasco at (213) 590-0558.

Cursillo en Español

Los Cursillos de Cristiandad son un Movimiento que mediante un método propio, intentan (y con la gracia de Dios consigue) desde la Iglesia, que las realidades de lo cristiano se hagan vida en la singularidad, en la originalidad y en la creatividad de cada persona, para que, descubriendo sus potencialidades y aceptando sus limitaciones, conduzca su libertad desde su convicción, refuerce su voluntad con su decisión y propicie la amistad en virtud de su constancia en su cotidiano vivir individual y comunitario.
Cursillos in Christianity is a Movement which, by its own Method, attempts from within the Church, to give life to the essential Christian truths in the singularity, originality and creativity of the person. In discovering their potential and accepting their limitations, they will direct their freedom with their conviction, reinforce their will with decisiveness and direct their friendship with the virtue of constancy in their day-to-day life, personally and with others. Please contact Jesus Urista at (323) 725-7578 (English/Spanish).

Eucharistic Minister

Sitting in the pew and feeling a push to be more involved in the Mass?   If you have received your 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation, you can be a Eucharistic Minister.  Distribution of Communion is a blessed ministry and one that brings you on the altar and in the sanctuary of God’s house. Please contact Hector Medrano at (323) 725-7578 or email

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick

Do you have a heart to visit those unable to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist?  The blessings of God’s Grace abound in those who seek to lift up the sick and affirmed.  Please contact the Rectory Office at (323) 725-7578.

Girl Scouts

As we move into an era of instantaneous results, how will our young women begin to know how to listen for God’s “Still Small Voice”? Leadership, discipline and life skills are brought together with God’s teachings in the hopes of creating the next generation of women.
For details Troop 3111 contact Connie Park at (213) 445-7546.
For details Troop 6621 contact Lisa Cardoso at (562) 287-9766.
For details Troop 6551 contact Nancy Vasquez at (323) 899-1418.

Golden Agers Ministry

Remember when people used to say life ends at 35?  Well, they forgot to tell you that it begins again at 65.  Join like-minded Golden Agers as they perform acts of charity through out the community of OLMM and engage in a celebration or two on the glory of God’s greatest gift, his Son Jesus Christ.  Oh, and did I mention the Stateline Turn-Around?  For more information contact Irene Solis at (323) 726-0149.

Confradia Guadalupanas

When Juan Diego spilled the roses from his tunic, the world shook as our Holy Mother announced the persona of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Join us as we celebrate through prayer and community service the woman who bore the savior of the world.  Contact Vivian Medina at (323) 725-7578. Everyone is invited on the 12th of each month at 6pm to pray the Rosary with the Guadalupanas in the Church.

Italian Catholic Federation

If you descend from the great Italian lineage or married into it, have we got a group for you.  Charity and good times abound as we respond to the needs of the parish.  Did I mention the great food?  Contact Carmelita Aguilera or Nancy Dolci for more details at (323) 725-6868.

Knights of Columbus Council 15671

Since the time of the early church, God has used the humblest of men to defend his church.  On February 6, 1882 these men, led by Fr. Michael McGivney, choose Christopher Columbus as their inspiration and vow to serve the church’s community and family with virtue.  Do you have the right stuff? Contact Rod Wheeler at (323) 893-2293.


Scripture is defined as the “Inspired Word of God”.  Its purpose is to instruct and motivate us to a better understanding of what God wishes for our lives. During the celebration of the Mass, the Lector presents through recitation the day’s scripture reading.  It is one of the most demanding yet rewarding ministries of the Catholic Church.  If you feel called, don’t delay.  Contact Rosie Vasquez at (323) 887-8668.

Legion of Mary (Mary Immaculate Praesidium)

Located throughout the world in over 170 countries, the Legion of Mary strives to fulfill Christ’s calling to “Spread the Good News”.  A lay organization, the members of the group work as an extension of the parish in the hopes of bringing others into the light of God’s grace through the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Please contact Mercy Estrella if you feel the Holy Mother calling.  The number is

Pieta Prayer Group

Being a prayer warrior is not for the faint of heart. Centered on the Eucharist and consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, this group is inspired by God to imitate the Holy Mother’s virtues and strive to live a life of total surrender to the Holy Will of God. If you are called to this ministry, please contact Perla Orquia at (213) 434-1289

Virtus Program (Protecting God’s Children)

Today’s society is fraught with situations of improper contact with God’s children.  Virtus educates and certifies individuals within the church as a front-line defense.  If you would like to become a member of this army for our children, please contact Camelia Robles at (323) 725-7578.


The Sacristan Ministry is comprised of a few individuals who are the unsung heroes of the parish.  With every Mass, wedding, funeral, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation and every celebration in between, there in the shadows you will find a Sacristan.  Schooled in the liturgy of the Mass and the Roman Missal, the Sacristan makes sure that each event is set up properly and runs smoothly.  Only a select few are offered a chance at the position, but if you believe you have a calling please contact Richard Molina at (323) 767-3282.

St. Joseph’s Pantry

Within every community poverty and hunger rears its ugly head.  Many families within our parish community barely make ends meet and sometimes are forced to go without eating.  OLMM has distributed food to those in need through the St. Joseph’s Pantry.  If you feel the need to fulfill Christ’s call to feed the poor, please contact Camelia Robles at (323) 725-7578.

Simbang Gabi Committee

Inspired by the Christmas Season and the meaning of Advent, come and be a part of the Simbang Gabi group.  Celebrations and Mass help accentuate the birth of our Lord.  If you would like to be a part of this incredible group of people, please contact Peter See at (323) 721-4968 or Jun Balauag at (626) 571-6870.

Spirit of Faith/Evangelization

We are all called by Christ to “Spread the Good News”.  What better way than within your parish community.  Many believe that the Spirit of Faith movement is only for the loud and educated –  that belief couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If your heart burns with a desire to help others to grow closer to Christ but don’t know where to start, have we got a group for you.  Please contact Peter See at (323) 721-4968 or Jun Balauag at (626) 571-6870.


Ever wonder who those men and women are that greet you so warmly as you entire the church and have a hearty handshake or hug as you exit?  Those would be the pillars of the church or more commonly known as the Ushers.  Do you enjoy igniting the spirit of Christ in others?  Maybe it’s time to consider the Usher Ministry.  To earn your “red jacket” please contact Rick Jimenez at (323) 725-7578.

Youth Confirmation

Being part of the OLMM Youth Confirmation Team will be helping today’s youth learn about God .  For those  who are interested, please contact Roy Ramirez at (562) 879-9478 or email

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